Classic reproduction, arcade classics, childhood memories.
The Punisher - remember his childhood in the classic arcade action game played The Punisher it?
The Punisher, also known as the Avengers.
The Punisher is an arcade lets you quickly relax in stressful environments, The Punisher arcade also allows you to find the value of their hard work to survive in the.
Punish those who bring a friend to many users irreplaceable happy, he charming animation and audio equipment toward the city, so you come to understand what the game is fun.
Game Operation
Game with up and down to control the direction, there is the attack button (A button) and jump button (B button).
◎ A + B (life-saving blood to recruit)
◎ →→ (ground roll)
◎ close to the enemy AA ↓ A (forward throw)
◎ close to the enemy AA ↑ A (backward fall)
◎ close to the enemy AA (↑ or ↓) A + A + B
◎ facing the wall → + B.B (rebound kick)
◎ ↓ ↑ + A (foot knife)
◎ seize enemy B, A
◎ seize the enemy A + B
◎ seize enemy B, ↓ + A + B
◎ seize enemy B, ↓ + A (attack) B (jump)

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Additional information

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  • Current Version2.6.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.2 or higher