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Computer is damaged and facing many other problems while operating. To make it run smoothly it’s time to take the computer the Kids Computer Hardware Repairing Shop. Where Kids Computer mechanics will fix it and make it work properly like before. So all boys and girls get ready to be a computer mechanic. Customers are coming to your Kids computer hardware repairing shop with their damaged computer machines with many different problems. So kids help your customers and repair their computer by using your expert skills. This Kids Computer Hardware Repairing Shop game is the best game for fun time. Kids will enjoy this game more than any car repair or garage games.
When customers come to your shop welcome them, then first take their monitor and CPU. Now open the CPU by taking out the bolts and check it carefully to find out the faults. Use electrical tools and equipments to open and repair it. Clean RAM, repair hard disk, motherboard, keyboard, wires, micro chips, etc. This computer repair shop game is full of fun activities and will be enjoyed by kids a lot
There are many different Levels in this Kids Computer Hardware Repairing Shop Game which will keep kids engaged for a long time:
1)RAM Repairing
2)Hard Disk Repairing
3)Motherboard Repairing
4)Keyboard Repairing
5)Mouse Repairing
Fix it and build a new computer. A perfect Kids electrician repair shop. This computer building and repairing game is very creative & learning game for kids with amazing game play.
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