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Do you have a fast food fever with unstoppable urge? The mention of Fast food makes you hungry and you crave its aroma with anger-hungry tunes coming from your tummy? Then this is the right spot for you! Get ready to experience the fast food cooking mania in this fast food city game full of fun, learning and entertainment! Press the download button in your app stores now and access this drive thru fast food preparation game right away!
Do you have passion for learning the fast food selling process along with its preparation techniques? Yes? This kid’s fast food game allows you to learn managing food orders for all customers in time and keeping the track of the cash register.
You are now the food cashier who has to maintain the cash register balance and serve fast food order in the right time, without making the customer wait! You want loyal happy kids and customers so your fast food city business grows into a food truck and then a restaurant!
You are a good fast food cooking stand known for its brand name and pleasant behavior towards the hungry customers. So you add variety to your meal menu by offering many fast food items to your customers like French fries, burger, pizza, juices, tea, pop corns, donuts etc.
The fast food city has three growth steps and scenes, the cooking stand will soon grow into fast food truck and then a restaurant! But each growth mode has nine levels to pass to unlock the next growth step. And each level gets tougher with increasing competition and rush of customers.
The fast food game works with each customer lining up for their food order in drive thru, a food picture pop up with tagged price will show up on the screen. You have to click on the food item according to the food order and then take the role of the food cashier and punch in the prices in the cash register of the cashier restaurant then receive the money and welcome the next customer! The customer can only four fast food items in one deal and minimum can be as less than the meal food order.
The kids fast food city restaurant game also offers, background guidelines for the player to learn fast and smoothly. The user will use the touch screen controls and arrow keys to punch prices in cash register and move on to the next level or scene.
How to play
Download the fast food takeaway meal game
Select the first scene
Select the level
Use screen controls to take food orders
Punch in price in cash register
Receive cash bills
Welcome next food order
Finish the level
Unlock the next level
Unlock the next growth scene
Follow the same instructions all over again
Features of the game
Three growth scenes
Nine levels for each fast food city game scene
Voice guidelines in the background
On screen touch controls and arrow keys
Cash register and food cashier feature
Variety of fast food items

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