Extra large truck driving 2018 is an extremely challenging truck driving game and totally different other new truck simulator games. In this truck simulator 2018 game, you would get an opportunity to drive loaded extra large vehicles on deadly offroad tracks of awesome uphill areas.
There is a variety of extra large vehicles like a grand oil tanker, giant cargo transporter, 22 wheeler us army truck driving transporter etc. All vehicles are extremely large and long, these are very hard to control, unlike other transport truck simulations. It is almost impossible to drive such extra large trucks on deadly off-road tracks with extremely sharp and blind turns for the new user.

This best wood cargo transporter game would definitely give you amazing offroad cargo truck driving experience. In this grand euro truck driving game, you will feel like you are sitting in any real construction truck fully loaded with different wood cargo delivery items and you have to deliver at different hill stations. It’s an excellent chance to test your driving skills on curvy tracks and blind turns for becoming the hero of grand truck simulator 2018 games. If you complete any challenging offroad mission then you can be a good offroad truck driver in real life too, because this game is a real simulation of off-road truck driving.

You have to be very careful while driving the offroad oil tanker because if drive roughly then oil in the tanker may shake and you might lose the oil transporter truck. If you couldn't control the oil tanker balance then you would definitely fall in abyssus and there would be no chance of your survival. Driving oil truck is not an easy task like driving other offroad trucks. Oil trucker needs your attention and professional driving experience otherwise you can not drive the oil tanker on extreme edges of offroad tracks.

A perfect cargo driver must be active all the time because carrying city construction material to hill side is not an easy task. You have to take turns very carefully because your one mistake can result in a grand disaster. So drive carefully, take turns precisely to avoid an emergency situation. You are the only person who can transport goods and other cargo to the place where no hill driver is willing to drive due to taking tracks. So be a responsible driver as you are the hope of hilly people for their survival.

This future cargo simulator is different from other traditional large tuck games 2018 because you extreme large vehicles loaded with different cargo items and the track is really very dangerous. On every turn, death is waiting for you. If you lose the control for a single second then you would certainly fall in the deep water of vast valleys. Although mud track is very beautiful and much attractive due to color full trees and waterfalls, you have to concentrate only on your driving on curvy paths because death never gives you a second chance. So deliver cargo truck with high precision and care.

For your convenience different controls are developed for driving us army truck. Steering control can be used for turning with the wheel as done in real cars. The steering wheel is very convenient for enjoying the real simulation euro truck games 2018. Buttons controls are also the easy way to control the oil tanker truck in hilly areas. Tilt controls are the favorite one for most of the gamers, you can control us offroad army truck with your with the movement of the device. In the end, the choice is yours for selecting your offroad trucker controls.
*** Features of Extra-large truck simulator 2018 ***
* extremely dangerous offroad tracks
* Multiple challenging missions
* Variety of long trucks
* Realistic 3d uphill environment
* Amazing sounds
* Real physics based controls
* Realistic truck driving experience

Now tap the install button for enjoying the extremely challenging offroad truck driving game.

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