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Learn English for children with sound and pictures and without the Internet
A program that helps children to gain knowledge and concepts in an attractive manner and to train them on proper language pronunciation.
In terms of language, this program clears the language of the child and helps him to speak and correct performance and increases his linguistic and cognitive dictionary.
Educational program (100%) without the need of the Internet after downloading, helps the child to learn the letters and numbers in writing and how to pronounce them with examples in words containing the letters mentioned with pictures and to ensure learning for your child in an easy and enjoyable.

The English language learning program includes a variety of activities that seek to develop the basic skills of learning Arabic, English, reading and writing, living sciences, animal and fruit names, mathematics, numbers, colors, seasons, days of the week and months of the year. A pleasant and interesting atmosphere, merging into it, gaining knowledge directly from his sensory life.

The application of learning the letters and learning the numbers for the children contributes to your child's teaching pronunciation and writing of the alphabet in a fun and smooth, in addition to learning how to write numbers and counting easily. The Children's Letters and Numbers program will solve your children's problems in learning the grammar of Arabic, English for children in particular, and the basics of learning in general.
All you have to do is upload it to your smartphone for your baby to use !!

The child's linguistic development develops rapidly. Language is one of the essentials of communication, and it is essential to think. It is essential to take advantage of this opportunity so that the child can acquire a great deal of words, expressions and concepts that enrich his stock.

The child should be stimulated and stimulated in the pre-school period where the concentration period is short, using the application of character and number learning in different languages, which includes activities that attract attention, attract attention to follow-up, and help focus.

From the above we see ourselves in front of a task that helps to achieve the goal of every mother and father aspire to learn his child. With the download of this integrated program for pre-school children will achieve this goal.

Application features:

Helps to establish basic learning rules at a young age

Teaching letters and numbers to children that are essential to your child's learning

The application of learning letters and numbers in Arabic and English for children with sound and pictures, to help your child to know the compilation of words and spelling in the correct form

The application is as easy as it is characterized by colors that will attract your child to learn and study smoothly and pleasantly

Ability to repeat letters and numbers to help children learn easily

Use hands and fingers to help your child learn counting and counting techniques

Teaching pronunciation of Arabic and English letters and how to write them correctly and clearly

Teaching Arabic pronunciation and how to write it correctly and clearly

Teaching the names of animals and fruits with pictures and how to pronounce and write

Teaching Child Counting From 1 To

Teaching characters through images and shapes

Teaching letters and numbers in mother tongue and English through children's songs and songs

A free application does not need to be connected to the Internet to work

The most important English sentences
Learn English Grammar
Teaching English without Internet
Speak English
English Language Teaching Program

For the application also using phrases, for example:
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Birds of Paradise Without Internet
Dima Bashar
heavens' Birds
Islamic songs
Children Songs
Songs without music
Songs Without Net
The most beautiful songs of children
Religious songs
The most beautiful songs
kids songs

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