You always wanna know whats happening inside the world to keep up to date yourself. For this You watch news , see news blogs and learn News post.

But you just see whats media wants you to tell.

If you want to get up to date yourself so weather the news is true or not you have to admit it.

But the Era is change now.

We introduce U Bulletin App for local area users.

U Bulletin App is a Open Sourced News platform where you are the news reporter.

With U Bulletin App now you can post your own news blog and let the world see what you want to show without any restrictions.

When a robbery happens near you.
When a fire happens near you.
When a shooting happens near you.
or something what you want to show the world.

Just open the U Bulletin App click the post button and just post a news with some random information.

When you see and wants to show the world just do U bulletin .


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