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mkisofs.exe file library
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Version: 2.01
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Release Date: 2008.
Path: C:\Windows\system32\
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Description of File library mkisofs.exe

File library mkisofs(make iso file system)
Usage: mkisofs [options] file...该命令的参数
  -nobak                      Do not include backup files
  -no-bak                     Do not include backup files
  -abstract FILE              Set Abstract filename
  -A ID, -appid ID            Set Application ID
  -biblio FILE                Set Bibliographic filename
  -cache-inodes               Cache inodes (needed to detect hard links)
  -no-cache-inodes            Do not cache inodes (if filesystem has no unique u
  -duplicates-once            Optimize storage by encoding duplicate files once
  -check-oldnames             Check all imported ISO9660 names from old session
  -check-session FILE         Check all ISO9660 names from previous session
  -copyright FILE             Set Copyright filename
  -debug                      Set debug flag
  -b FILE, -eltorito-boot FILE
                              Set El Torito boot image name
  -eltorito-alt-boot          Start specifying alternative El Torito boot parame
  -B FILES, -sparc-boot FILES Set sparc boot image names
  -sunx86-boot FILES          Set sunx86 boot image names
  -G FILE, -generic-boot FILE Set generic boot image name
  -sparc-label label text     Set sparc boot disk label
  -sunx86-label label text    Set sunx86 boot disk label
  -c FILE, -eltorito-catalog FILE
                              Set El Torito boot catalog name
  -C PARAMS, -cdrecord-params PARAMS
                              Magic paramters from cdrecord
  -d, -omit-period            Omit trailing periods from filenames (violates ISO
  -dir-mode mode              Make the mode of all directories this mode.
  -D, -disable-deep-relocation
                              Disable deep directory relocation (violates ISO966
  -file-mode mode             Make the mode of all plain files this mode.
  -f, -follow-links           Follow symbolic links
  -gid gid                    Make the group owner of all files this gid.
  -graft-points               Allow to use graft points for filenames
  -root DIR                   Set root directory for all new files and directori
  -old-root DIR               Set root directory in previous session that is sea
rched for files
  -help                       Print option help
  -hide GLOBFILE              Hide ISO9660/RR file
  -hide-list FILE             File with list of ISO9660/RR files to hide
  -hidden GLOBFILE            Set hidden attribute on ISO9660 file
  -hidden-list FILE           File with list of ISO9660 files with hidden attrib
  -hide-joliet GLOBFILE       Hide Joliet file
  -hide-joliet-list FILE      File with list of Joliet files to hide
  -hide-joliet-trans-tbl      Hide TRANS.TBL from Joliet tree
  -hide-rr-moved              Rename RR_MOVED to .rr_moved in Rock Ridge tree
  -gui                        Switch behaviour for GUI
  -i ADD_FILES                No longer supported
  -input-charset CHARSET      Local input charset for file name conversion
  -output-charset CHARSET     Output charset for file name conversion
  -iso-level LEVEL            Set ISO9660 conformance level (1..3) or 4 for ISO9
660 version 2
  -J, -joliet                 Generate Joliet directory information
  -joliet-long                Allow Joliet file names to be 103 Unicode characte
  -jcharset CHARSET           Local charset for Joliet directory information
  -l, -full-iso9660-filenames Allow full 31 character filenames for ISO9660 name
  -max-iso9660-filenames      Allow 37 character filenames for ISO9660 names (vi
olates ISO9660)
  -allow-leading-dots         Allow ISO9660 filenames to start with '.' (violate
s ISO9660)
  -ldots                      Allow ISO9660 filenames to start with '.' (violate
s ISO9660)
  -L, -allow-leading-dots     OLD Pre-POSIX.1-2001 option - don't use -L
  -log-file LOG_FILE          Re-direct messages to LOG_FILE
  -m GLOBFILE, -exclude GLOBFILE
                              Exclude file name
  -exclude-list FILE          File with list of file names to exclude
  -pad                        Pad output to a multiple of 32k (default)
  -no-pad                     Do not pad output to a multiple of 32k
  -M FILE, -prev-session FILE Set path to previous session to merge
  -dev SCSIdev                Set path to previous session to merge
  -N, -omit-version-number    Omit version number from ISO9660 filename (violate
s ISO9660)
  -new-dir-mode mode          Mode used when creating new directories.
  -force-rr                   Inhibit automatic Rock Ridge detection for previou
s session
  -no-rr                      Inhibit reading of Rock Ridge attributes from prev
ious session
                              Inhibit splitting symlink components
  -no-split-symlink-fields    Inhibit splitting symlink fields
  -o FILE, -output FILE       Set output file name
  -path-list FILE             File with list of pathnames to process
  -p PREP, -preparer PREP     Set Volume preparer
  -print-size                 Print estimated filesystem size and exit
  -publisher PUB              Set Volume publisher
  -P PUB, -publisher PUB      OLD Pre-POSIX.1-2001 option - don't use -P
  -quiet                      Run quietly
  -r, -rational-rock          Generate rationalized Rock Ridge directory informa
  -R, -rock                   Generate Rock Ridge directory information
  -s TYPE, -sectype TYPE      Set output sector type to e.g. data/xa1/raw
  -sort FILE                  Sort file content locations according to rules in
  -split-output               Split output into files of approx. 1GB size
  -stream-file-name FILE_NAME Set the stream file ISO9660 name (incl. version)
  -stream-media-size #        Set the size of your CD media in sectors
  -sysid ID                   Set System ID
  -T, -translation-table      Generate translation tables for systems that don't
 understand long filenames
  -table-name TABLE_NAME      Translation table file name
  -ucs-level LEVEL            Set Joliet UCS level (1..3)
  -udf                        Generate UDF file system
  -dvd-video                  Generate DVD-Video compliant UDF file system
  -uid uid                    Make the owner of all files this uid.
  -U, -untranslated-filenames Allow Untranslated filenames (for HPUX & AIX - vio
lates ISO9660). Forces -l, -d, -N, -allow-leading-dots, -relaxed-filenames, -all
ow-lowercase, -allow-multidot
  -relaxed-filenames          Allow 7 bit ASCII except lower case characters (vi
olates ISO9660)
  -no-iso-translate           Do not translate illegal ISO characters '~', '-' a
nd '#' (violates ISO9660)
  -allow-lowercase            Allow lower case characters in addition to the cur
rent character set (violates ISO9660)
  -force-uppercase            Do not allow lower case characters
  -allow-multidot             Allow more than one dot in filenames (e.g. .tar.gz
) (violates ISO9660)
  -use-fileversion LEVEL      Use file version # from filesystem
  -v, -verbose                Verbose
  -version                    Print the current version
  -V ID, -volid ID            Set Volume ID
  -volset ID                  Set Volume set ID
  -volset-size #              Set Volume set size
  -volset-seqno #             Set Volume set sequence number
  -x FILE, -old-exclude FILE  Exclude file name(depreciated)
  -hard-disk-boot             Boot image is a hard disk image
  -no-emul-boot               Boot image is 'no emulation' image
  -no-boot                    Boot image is not bootable
  -boot-load-seg #            Set load segment for boot image
  -boot-load-size #           Set numbers of load sectors
  -boot-info-table            Patch boot image with info table
  -XA                         Generate XA directory attruibutes
  -xa                         Generate rationalized XA directory attruibutes
  -z, -transparent-compression
                              Enable transparent compression of files
  -hfs-type TYPE              Set HFS default TYPE
  -hfs-creator CREATOR        Set HFS default CREATOR
  -g, -apple                  Add Apple ISO9660 extensions
  -h, -hfs                    Create ISO9660/HFS hybrid
  -map MAPPING_FILE           Map file extensions to HFS TYPE/CREATOR
                              OLD Pre-POSIX.1-2001 option - don't use -H
  -magic FILE                 Magic file for HFS TYPE/CREATOR
  -probe                      Probe all files for Apple/Unix file types
  -mac-name                   Use Macintosh name for ISO9660/Joliet/RockRidge fi
le name
  -no-mac-files               Do not look for Unix/Mac files (depreciated)
  -boot-hfs-file FILE         Set HFS boot image name
  -part                       Generate HFS partition table
  -cluster-size SIZE          Cluster size for PC Exchange Macintosh files
  -auto FILE                  Set HFS AutoStart file name
  -no-desktop                 Do not create the HFS (empty) Desktop files
  -hide-hfs GLOBFILE          Hide HFS file
  -hide-hfs-list FILE         List of HFS files to hide
  -hfs-volid HFS_VOLID        Volume name for the HFS partition
  -icon-position              Keep HFS icon position
  -root-info FILE             finderinfo for root folder
  -input-hfs-charset CHARSET  Local input charset for HFS file name conversion
  -output-hfs-charset CHARSET Output charset for HFS file name conversion
  -hfs-unlock                 Leave HFS Volume unlocked
  -hfs-bless FOLDER_NAME      Name of Folder to be blessed
  -hfs-parms PARAMETERS       Comma separated list of HFS parameters
  -prep-boot FILE             PReP boot image file -- up to 4 are allowed
  -chrp-boot                  Add CHRP boot header
  --cap                       Look for AUFS CAP Macintosh files
  --netatalk                  Look for NETATALK Macintosh files
  --double                    Look for AppleDouble Macintosh files
  --ethershare                Look for Helios EtherShare Macintosh files
  --exchange                  Look for PC Exchange Macintosh files
  --sgi                       Look for SGI Macintosh files
  --macbin                    Look for MacBinary Macintosh files
  --single                    Look for AppleSingle Macintosh files
  --ushare                    Look for IPT UShare Macintosh files
  --xinet                     Look for XINET Macintosh files
  --dave                      Look for DAVE Macintosh files
  --sfm                       Look for SFM Macintosh files
  --osx-double                Look for MacOS X AppleDouble Macintosh files
  --osx-hfs                   Look for MacOS X HFS Macintosh files

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Why problems can easily lead to mkisofs.exe error?
Missing, corrupt or incompatible mkisofs.exe
Undesirable damage on crucial system files
Incorrect uninstall of third- party program
Driver update failure
Unneeded registry components
Disable or invalid drivers
Obscure registry errors
Incorrect modification on Windows registry
Common mkisofs.exe Error Messages
"The file mkisofs.exe is missing"
"EXE Registration: Failed for file C:\WINDOWS\System32\mkisofs.exe"
"Could not find C:\Windows\system32\mkisofs.exe"
"Error loading mkisofs.exe"
"File mkisofs.exe is missing."
"A required EXE, mkisofs.exe was not found"
How to manually download and fix mkisofs.exe file error?
Follow the instruction to Free Scan your computer and fix related errors
Download the mkisofs.exe error Repair Tool.
Click "Save File" and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.
First, open DLLEscort, click on the "File Repair" to the right of the input file name and click download

After the download is complete, find the corresponding version of the file, click on "Open"

This will open Explorer, then you'll see the file, right-copy

Copy it to the corresponding directory

Next, you need to do a full system scan